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Category Archives: work

playing with artoolkit


augmented reality is cool. a symbol on the paper i am holding is providing data to project the 3d object onto the 2d webcam image. using a crappy webcam and the ARToolkit software.

carputer revamp


i just finished reinstalling the touchscreen in the dash, its previous location wasn’t working out because solder connections of the vga cable kept wearing out. i bought a new usb gps dongle with an external antenna, it uses the NXP swGPS system; only a sirfstar III chip is onboard, and the satellite calculations are offloaded […]



mmm, bulletpoints for productivity: table build frame for ftir multitouch table gather materials in one place get laptop working find possible usb video capture for input from old digital camera both already converted to IR webcam will work, but speed/optical quality sorta blow clodbuster bot get arduino communicating with servos acquire 7.2 v nmh battery […]