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mmm, bulletpoints for productivity:


  • build frame for ftir multitouch table
  • gather materials in one place
  • get laptop working
  • find possible usb video capture for input from old digital camera both already converted to IR
  • webcam will work, but speed/optical quality sorta blow

clodbuster bot

  • get arduino communicating with servos
  • acquire 7.2 v nmh battery
  • acquire sensors: ultrasound, ir or camera based
  • acquire propeller board for image processing?


  • solder together lead acid recharge kit
  • get 2x9v AC transformer
  • bung it all in case
  • fix/upgrade speakers
  • solder amp kit
  • build hd mount
  • add bluetooth and wifi


  • sand down led strip on tips
  • epoxy in place
  • acquire/build mount
  • drill side hole for touchscreen output cable

old vcr media pc

  • assemble mounting plate
  • build hdd mounting rack
  • acquire decent hdtv & raid cards


  • figure out which dash parts to remake
  • cut down on cables inside dash
  • replace bezel
  • acquire lcd display or use palmpilot for roof screen

whew, too much to think about

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  1. very interesting.
    i’m adding in RSS Reader

    Posted on 08-Jan-08 at 3:42 am | Permalink

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