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carputer revamp

i just finished reinstalling the touchscreen in the dash, its previous location wasn’t working out because solder connections of the vga cable kept wearing out.

i bought a new usb gps dongle with an external antenna, it uses the NXP swGPS system; only a sirfstar III chip is onboard, and the satellite calculations are offloaded over usb to the computer. while the software gps com ports were present and recognized as NMEA signals, i wasn’t able to get them to successfully acquire any satellites, much to my chagrin. i’m replacing it with an older serial over usb gps which has dedicated hardware for locking onto the signal. luckily i can exchange it for a part i am confident will work.


so far i’ve had working:

  • bluetooth obd 2 connector – just needs to beĀ  moved inside the dash so it doesn’t obstruct my knee when i use the clutch.
  • front / rearview camera – i’m torn between a forward viewing infra red cam or a rear view camera, as my frontend (centrafuse) only supports one webcam at a time. though it strikes me that since my top screen is rca in, i could buy a cheap video game rca switch to change “channels” and haveĀ  it switch through frontview/rearview/computer inputs.
  • bluetooth edge internet – decent speed, but not really enough for google earth, which i want to use. i might have to upgrade my phone when tmobile goes 3g.
  • gps – oh yeah, i miss my gps like hell, i’m sick of getting lost.

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