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serendipitous calamity

so my car got messed up this past week, mostly my fault, ironically after i finally bought some touch up paint for fixing a chip on the hood i’ve had for years. the passenger side doors had the body totally scratched to shit, so i brought it to a crappy place in queens which did (expectedly) a crappy job fixing it. i had to drive to ct to pick up my grandma from the airport, so on the way i dropped by a junkyard i had been to before. i found an identical car to mine with perfectly intact doors and a hood scoop identical to the one i always wanted, and paid just about the same i spend on the crappy repair for the doors, hood and a new grill:

oddly enough, despite the hood scoop not being functional (usually they are for a turbo intercooler, which my car lacks), i really like the feel of having it there 🙂

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